7. Is there a Demolition Credit available?

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Demolition: To obtain a demolition credit, the district needs proof that:

    1. The demolished structure was issued a demolition permit and corresponding signed inspection card.A building permit was issued for the construction of a new building.
    2. The maximum allowable square footage is determined using the County Assessor’s office building record document(s).
    3. The demolished structure was completely removed from the District boundaries - proof bill of laden.

Disaster reconstruction: Education Code § 17626(a) defines a disaster as “a fire, earthquake, landslide, mudslide, flood, tidal wave, or other unforeseen event that produces material damage or loss.”  Any structure that is damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster is entitled to a demolition credit against reconstruction, so long as the rebuilt square footage does not exceed the structure’s original square footage.