Make Up Pictures!

Make-up Pictures

Save the date! Makeup pictures are on Monday, September 13th from 7-3pm in the ASB room.

Be sure to coordinate your time to come by for your pictures with class expectations for the day.


 Order forms:

  • Link to order form PDF (print and bring a check or enter in a credit card number)
  • You can also wait for an email from Studio 94 for your picture proof and order form


- Every CHS student must take their ID picture.

- Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students your ID picture goes in the 2020-2021 yearbook.


SENIORS - formal pictures are taken at Studio 94 only. See Senior Formal Photos for details.

All seniors are required to take a formal photo IN ADDITION To their school ID photos. Students have the option to schedule their own appointment with Studio 94 for a sitting fee of $15, or they can attend the FREE sitting day in the ASB room on October 27th. More information to come.