Senior Formal Photos at Studio 94

Senior Formal Photos at Studio 94

The Deadline to take your Senior Yearbook Picture Is October 31st, 2020

Studio 94 website



At CHS -  Monday, October 26th, 2020 in the ASB Room (262)

FAQ's & Info:

1. Do I have to pay to be in the yearbook? No, you do not.

2. This is 1 Yearbook Pose just like your ID card shot

3. You DO NOT get to choose your yearbook image it is chosen for you

4. Yearbook picture is NOT retouched

5. Lowest cost of in studio session is $15


Information from Studio 94 website: 

“Yearbook Only Session” $15 

Not available in July or August.

1 Outfit on 1 Background (The Yearbook Background Only)

5 Yearbook Poses

You choose your yearbook image

Yearbook Picture is NOT Retouched

This session is for those who want a yearbook picture only with no adjustments to the image but who want to be in the senior section of the yearbook. This is an in studio session. You will be photographed on the yearbook background only and we cannot take any upgrades at the time of your session. We will take 5 images of you to choose 1 for the yearbook. We DO NOT retouch your yearbook image. You can pay to have a standard retouch done to your yearbook image for $15 more. So this session is just the bare bones to have our professional photographers, editors, and equipment take your picture for the yearbook. If retouching is important then we recommend the "Professional Standard Session" above instead because you get a lot more professional services for the same price.