Senior "Real You" Photos


All REAL YOU photos will be taken in the ASB Room on November 16th-17th.  

For this photo, you will be able to wear an additional outfit to your session. This outfit is the “Real You” outfit. You can bring props or even pets. What’s most important to you? Your sport? Hobby? Goals? Talents? Fashion? Spirit?  Now you have a chance to show that in your yearbook as well as your formal picture. This photo is taken on a white background, so we do not suggest white as your main color. 

WHAT IS THE "REAL YOU" PHOTO? The “Real You” photo is a fun casual photo sponsored by your yearbook company, "YB2", that the seniors usually take on campus in the fall. Due to the uncertainty of on campus activities in the fall we have decided to take that “Real You” photo during your senior yearbook session at our studio. That way we have a picture if we cannot get back on campus.