What can I do when I have a low test score in Math?

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Having a low test score can be disappointing.  However, unless it is a District Assessment, you have a chance to learn the material better and improve your score on any test where you earned a D or F.

Take a Test Correction Sheet and complete it as follows:

Identify each question you have answered incorrectly.  Determine the reason your answer is incorrect.  Was your error:

1.  Careless (Did you read and follow the directions?  Did you copy the problem correctly?)

2.  Computation (Did you add, subtract, multiply or divide incorrectly?)

3.  Imprecision (Was your work too messy to understand?  Did you write a 4 that looked like a 9 to you later?  Did you forget to write the units or label the problem?  Did you forget an answer statement for a word problem?)

4.  Conceptual (Did you use a strategy that can't be justified?  Did you use the wrong procedure?)

Pick the ONE that is the MAIN reason that you concluded the problem incorrectly.  For example, if you added straight across when adding fractions (both numerator and denominator) AND you made an error in adding, that is more of a conceptual error than computation.

Rework the problems correctly.

Staple the Test Correction Sheet on top of the original test. 

Have your parent sign the Test Correction Sheet.

Turn in the completed work by the Friday of the week the test was returned.  You will earn back one half point for each question you correct in this way.