Monday, August 26 2019

Posted by Trisha Shea on 8/26/2019


Monday, August 26: Today we set up format for our notebooks and transferred notes from "Desiree's Baby" for our first notebook entry. 

Homework: Finish Desiree's Baby notes in notebook, study "A-C" Terms for the test this Friday.


Tuesday, August 27: Writing Bootcamp - Today we will go over what the best practices are for writing a succinct, but thorough essay that addresses the prompt. We will be reviewing last week's prompt and the best way to break it down. We will craft a new intro paragraph based on the lesson. Finally, we will move into our next reading, "Sticks" (which was passed out yesterday). Background information will be on the board to help you start a new Notebook Entry.

Homework: Study your Terms "A-C" for the test on Friday.Complete a notebook entry for "Sticks"

Wednesday, August 28: : We will begin the period by discussing homework, and move to a lesson on responding in the body paragraphs of the Desiree's Baby prompt. We will move to conferences on essays and consult with our Writing Bootcamp notes on how to make the best revisions. During conferences, have your All the Pretty Horses Novel with you. You need to begin another Notebook Entry for this novel, beginning with the author's background information. 

Homework: Essay revisions (if we met today),   and study your terms "A-C" for the test on Friday.

Thursday, August 29: Conclusion Paragraph Lesson and complete conclusion essay revisions in class for "Desiree's Baby" - due at the end of the period. After the new "Desiree's Baby" essay is completed, complete the "Sticks" essay prompt - due tomorrow. Writing conferences will continue today.

Homework: Complete the "Sticks' Essay and study terms for tomorrow's test. Desiree Essay revisions (if we met today).

Friday, August 30: Terms test, both essays are due. Today you will evalulate which essay you want for your first grade - Desiree or Sticks.

Homework: Finish your summer reading homework!!! It is due Monday!!!!!



Monday, August 26  & Tueday, August 27: Today we took notes on new Literary Terms. You must get a hard copy in class tomorrow in the absent folders at the back of the room. Ask a friend for their  notes or get a pass for CAT30 to catch up. We also passed out the Chrome Book contracts. Be sure to take them home and have them signed by a parent.

Homework: Study Terms for Friday's Test. Get Syllabus and Computer Contract signed and returned tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 28: Complete plot notes - group activity- mystery/tension/ surprise & plot diagram - all due at the end of the period.

Homework: study terms