Week of April 29-May 3

Posted by Trisha Shea on 4/29/2019

Here is the run-down on what we are doing this week:


Monday- Silent, Independent Reading

Freshmen: chapters 9-11 and chapter 9 questions

Sophomores: read research from last week's studysync articles, make a decision on what perspective you support with regard to technology and fill out your outline.



Freshemen: Review chapters 9-11, answer questions and turn them in.


Sophomores: Finish the technology practice outline.


Wednesday - 

Freshmen: Students will brainstorm a character they want to profile from their novel, Google an image and draw their character. They must also Google an image of a modern day character who most resembles their novel character and share it with me. I will print the images. 



Sophomores: Today you will do the reading of sources for our Technology essay test. You must read all texts provided, then choose the best texts to support your position. Annotate and highlight those texts. 



Freshmen: Today is the written portion of the character analysis. It must be typed and printed at home. It is due tomorrow. Students will write a thesis statement that includes 3 characteristics about the character they chose to profile, from the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Use the list of character types you took notes on. Then, write a full paragraph describing the character, using the 3 chosen characteristics and provide a quote from the novel to support each of those characteristics. Finally, students will write a second paragraph connecting their novel character's characteristics  to a modern day character (can be real or fictional). 

The format is as follows:

                            Character Name


Thesis: _______________ is a __________, ___________________ and a ____________. 


Character Summary: 





 Sophomores: Continue testing - develop a thesis statement in response to the writing prompt and create an introduction paragraph that culminates with your thesis. 



Freshmen: Assemble and Turn in your poster. Video and Article on Latino persecution during the Great Depression. We will compare our information to the Jim Crow laws. 

Sophomores: Finish typing and submit your essay.