March 11-15

Posted by Trisha Shea on 3/11/2019

Here is a breakdown of our week:)



FRESHMEN- Today we watched a documentary on MLK to provide context for the tone of the civil rights movement before we work on analyzing MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech.

SOPHOMORES- Today we are typing our rhetorical analyisis essays.


FRESHMEN- Today we discussed the MLK speech in groups, annotated it and completed the SOAPSTR analysis. 


SOPHOMORES- Today we are watching a documentary on Lincoln in order to understand the context of the tone of the civil war and the politics between the North and the South.


FRESHMEN- Today we are using our SOAPSTR  analysis to complete paragraph one of our analysis  on Dr. King's " I Have a Dream" Speech. Unless you were absent YESTERDAY, this speech analysis intro (1 paragraph), is due in class TODAY.

SOPHOMORES- Today we will submit our rhetorical analysis essays using new accounts and we will begin reading and annotating Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address speech for our Unit 3essay exam. 


FRESHMEN-Today we are starting our rhetorical analysis unit benchmark test. We will begin with the documentary on Malala and then read her speech. 

If you are absent, please watch the link below for background information.


SOPHOMORES- Today we are completing the discussiion on Lincoln's  speech and making sure all annotations are complete.

FRIDAY: seating will be changed for our activity

FRESHMEN- Today we are beginning the annotations of Malala's speech and discussing them in groups.

SOPHOMORES- Today we are beginning our rhetorical analysis SOAPSTR  for the essay on Lincoln's speech.