Get some ear buds or headphones for the chromebooks!

Harvest Festival is this Friday! Yay!!! Get your tickets early!!!

Envelope Reminders: Zoe, Braxton, Guadalupe, Alex V., Aamyreh

Return Library Books: Alex V.!!!

Bike Train Reminder... 8:25 at the Flag Pole on Thursdays unless it rains! Let's ride!!!

Math: Reflex... Let's get 100% of us on the awesome list and build that math fluency.

Reading: Finish your reading group assignment, so I can meet with your group tomorrow: Eric, Zoe, Mireya, Julian, Ankith, Alex N., Aamyreh


Go over your mistakes from topic 3 with a parent or older sibling, so you can be ready for the Online Topic Test tomorrow!!!






Things we usually love donated: Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils, Tissues, and Dry Erase Markers. If more supplies are needed that I do not foresee at this time, I will certainly request them. I appreciate all donations!

We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED: paper, red pens or glue or glue sticks!!! I have us covered :-).

Educational Investment!!! Does your child have a chromebook or laptop of their own? Have you been considering purshasing one for them to bring to and from school? I recommend and encourage it. It will help me connect with them regarding their written communication and hopefully encourage their maturity and growth as thinkers and writers.

Let's have a great year building a firm foundation for future success in life.

-Mr. Reilly