This Week...

 This Week..

**Dr. Seuss Week is this Week! Each day is a spirit day...

*Monday: Crazy Hat Day

*Tuesday: Crazy Socks

*Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday (wear clothes backwards, inside out...)

*Thursday: Black and white day

*Friday: Dress as a storybook character


**The kick-off for our Trek for Tech jog-a-thon is Wednesday, 2/26. Students will receive information and can start getting pledges. They will run on Friday, 3/6.

**There is information coming home on Friday about a home project called a "Vocabulary Hat." Students will choose a word that we haven't heard of, fill out a paper with information about the word, and make a hat to describe their word. The hat is due on Friday, March 13th. This is a really fun project (I promise!!).