What is homework and when it is due?

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Students should read every day (not just on weekdays) for at least 20 minutes a day.  This reading can be independent, with a parent, or with an older sibling.  I encourage parents to read with and to their children at least 1-2 times per week.  When you read WITH your children you can guage appropriateness of book content and level and discuss the book with them.  When you read TO your children, you can read books that are at a higher level than they can read independently. This will help to improve their vocabulary and comprehension.   

Students will be assigned a page of math facts to do each week.  Students should study those facts until they are mastered and memorized "as quick as a snap".  Paper and pencil, flashcards, online games, and digital programs such as XTRAMATH can be used to study math facts.  When facts are memorized, new concepts like column multiplication and long division are easier to master.  The facts tests on Friday will be timed, but only to determine how long it took  for the child to complete the page.  They do not have to complete it within a set amount of time.  The goal is to improve speed on each successive attempt.  They are in a "contest" with themselves to increase fluency, not with others in the classroom.   

There will also be a homework "menu" included each week with family fun activities to do together.  We encourage you to choose TWO each week and send in a picture, a drawing, or a few sentences describing what your family did together.  The students love sharing their "menu activities" with each other.   

Homework folders will be given out on Mondays and are due back on Fridays.  Please sign the bottom of the homework log so that your students can earn their otter bucks for the week!