New to the Class?

New to the Class?

Sign in to Google with your school account - ex.

1) Look over my webpage - Classroom Procedures, Expectations and Rules.

2) Read the Student Handbook (or on BVMS website).

3) Complete the 7th Grade or 8th Grade Parent/Guardian and Student Survey.

4) Join our class' Google Classroom.

    Click on the + in the top right.

     Math 7/Period 1: 62xoizi

     Math 7/Period 2:  6our7d6  

     Math 8/Period 3:  mnum7us

     Math 8/Period 5:  z25jf5w

     Math 8/Period 6:  xcajks2

5)  Join our class' Class

     Click Login and then Login with Google

     Click on "Coaches" near the center of the page and enter your class code under "Join a class"

      Math 7/Period 1:  4CKV5AN7

      Math 7/Period 2:  RQ2XD89J

      Math 8/Period 3:  9PRVKUVY

      Math 8/Period 5:  PGFD2MM7

      Math 8/Period 6:  RSDKHCPR

6)   Get your suggested school supplies.