When does my thermostat work automatically and when do I have to activate it?

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All thermostats are set to operate according to bell schedule.  Bell schedule is when the students arrive and when the students leave.  For example, a typical elementary school would be set from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.  However, we know teacher  and staff work above and beyond these hours so all units have 1 hour override capability.  

Example: If you are an elementary teacher and arrive in your classroom at 7:30, you would need to activate your thermostat manually to receive heat, air or ventilation depending on temperature at that time.  This would allow the unit to run for 1 hour at which point you need to activate the unit again for the remaining 30 minutes until start of bell schedule.  Some thermostats need to be activated one more time at the beginning of bell schedule.  If yours does not seem to be running on its own at the beginning of the school day, please press the override one more time to activate it's programmed schedule.