When do I turn off and when do I unplug? Should I unplug everything?

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The Ideal situation would be to have everything unplugged whenever it is not being used.  This way there would be no energy drain at all.  The best way to do this would be to have everything plugged into surge protectors.  Then, at the end of every day, you could simply turn off a few surge protectors and that would be the same as unplugging everything!  The exception would be for network printers which we never want to unplug, computers which we only want to unplug on weekends or longer breaks, and refrigerators which we unplug on breaks of one week or longer.

However, we realize that not everybody has enough surge protectors to do this yet and it is not practical to unplug everything everyday.  Therefore, we suggest following the shutdown checklists which can be found at this link for daily, weekend and longer break shutdowns.