How much do we really save by shutting down and unplugging at the end of the day?

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YES!  Collectively and over time it is worth turning off and unplugging every time something is not being used.  Vampire energy alone (energy being sucked from the grid even when the appliance is not being used) accounts for $3 billion per year just in the U.S.

 Example:  A typical classroom could have the following items: radio ($2.40 annually), computer monitor ($4.10 each, annually), computer ($56.00 each, annually), dvd player or vcd ($17.00 annually).  In this scenario (not including microwaves, coffee makers, personal refrigerators, etc...) you could save approximately $80.00 just by unplugging items when not in use. With a conservative estimate of 1,500 classrooms, eliminating vampire energy would equate to about $120,000.00.  Consider that many classrooms have multiple computers and other various appliances, add in computer labs and offices, then add items in hallways and work areas, you could estimate that our district can save in excess of $250,000 just by unplugging at the end of the day!