Back Loop

Dear Alamos Families,

      We are excited to announce our side loop is now open. As many of you know, we continue to look for solutions to ease our drop off and pick up procedures at Alamos. In seeking alternative solutions, we are trialing our side loop on Promontory Street.

      The loop will be supervised by administration and staff.  Parents need to pull forward to the top of the loop, dropping off/picking up your student(s) nearest the curb.  Students may not be picked up in the second lane.  The second lane will be used as a passing lane.  Please be aware, you will see cones to designate the area to be left clear for busses.  Please do not pull into the bus area. 

     Student safety is our number one priority.  Please discuss with your student and arrange which gate will be your pick-up gate.  When you drop off your students, if the gate is closed, you will need to bring them to the front office.

     Students who walk home may use either school exit but must use crosswalks at all times.  We would appreciate your help in reinforcing this safety precaution.

     Our goal is to create a more efficient, safe, alternative route for you to use at Alamos.  We will continue to trial using both loops until the end of the school year.  If, for any reason, we no longer feel keeping both loops open is a safe option, parents will be notified, and the loop will be closed.  We feel fortunate being able to work together with our community on a solution to the ongoing traffic congestion.  Let’s hope this new option is successful!

     Thank you for supporting our school community!


 Mrs. Aynesworth, Principal