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New or future students

If you are moving to TVUSD and will attend your zoned school, this is NOT considered a transfer.  Instead, please follow the New Student Enrollment process on the Centralized Enrollment Center's web page, HERE, to enroll your child at your zoned (or "home") school.


 If you are enrolling a new student as a TVUSD resident, and you would like to request a school that is NOT your zoned school, you may submit a transfer request per the Timeline for submissions, HERE.  (Please select "Not a current TVUSD student" for your most recent school, if your child is not attending our district yet.)

Enrollment/Registration and Transfers are two separate processes.  New students will be enrolled at their zoned school until they are approved for a transfer to a different school.  If the transfer is not approved, your student will need to attend his or her zoned school.


 For students who will enroll at a future time as TVUSD residents, transfers to a different school within TVUSD are available from mid-October to the end of January of the prior school year.


 If you would like to enroll a new student as a resident of a different district, you must first submit a complete Interdistrict Transfer request, HERE.  You must have received an approval, before being able to move forward with enrollment.