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Grandfathered Status

When there is a change in a TVUSD school's boundary, a Grandfathering provision is implemented as part of the boundary change.  This applies only to students who reside in TVUSD and are enrolled at the affected school at the time of the boundary change.


How it Works: 

♦  Grandfathering is based on an affected residence address and a student's grade level at the time of the boundary change, NOT on the length of time at a school or schools.

♦  Enrolled students living within an affected school's boundary, who apply and are approved for a boundary-related Intradistrict Transfer (between schools), are granted Grandfathered Status to the corresponding school or schools (depending on the grade level) before the boundary change took place.

♦  A Grandfathered Status continues to be valid as long as the conditions outlined in the transfer approval continue in place.  These are:

  1. The student's residence continues to be the Grandfathered address
  2. The student is continuously enrolled
  3. The student has satisfactory attendance, citizenship and scholarship

It is NOT necessary to submit additional transfer requests to the Grandfathered school, as long as these conditions continue to be met.


Recent Boundary Changes:

2017/18 Red Hawk Elementary and Gardner Middle Schools Boundary Change:

  • Students approved to Red Hawk Elementary in grades Kindergarten through 4th were Grandfathered to the elementary school only.  5th graders were approved to Red Hawk Elementary and Gardner Middle. 
  • Students approved to Gardner Middle were Grandfathered to the middle school only
  • The boundary change did not affect the high school boundary


2013/14 General Boundary Changes:

 Grade:         Grandfathered to:

   6th             Middle & high schools before the boundary change

   5th             Middle school before the boundary change only

   K - 4th       Elementary school before the boundary change only