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I moved to another school's boundary

♦  If your child is currently attending your school of residence, and you move or are moving to another TVUSD school's boundary, please contact your current school, in order to update your address with proofs of residency for your new residence.  You may then either:

  1. Fill out an Intradistrict Transfer request form at the school to continue with them


  2. Choose to attend your new school of residence, in which case your current school will coordinate the change in enrollment


♦  If your child is scheduled to attend your school of residence but has not started attending yet, and you move to another TVUSD school's boundary, please fill out a transfer request "TO REQUEST A DIFFERENT SCHOOL..." on the left hand column.


♦  If your child is already on an approved transfer between TVUSD schools, and you move to a different school's boundary, you do not need to do anything to continue at the same school - transfers between schools within TVUSD are valid as long as you continue to live anywhere within the district.  If you would like to attend your new school of residence, your current school will coordinate the change.


 ♦  If your child is on an approved transfer from a different district, and you move to another TVUSD school's boundary than the one your child is atending, please contact your current school to either fill out a transfer form to continue at the same school, or to coordinate a change in enrollment to your new school of residence.


Please note: 

Continued attendance at any school, if you move outside of its boundary, is based on satisfactory attendance, citizenship and scholarship, as well as space availability for students on a transfer.