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My student is new or not enrolled yet

If you are moving to the Temecula School District, this is not considered a transfer.  Instead, please follow the New Student Enrollment and Registration process through the Centralized Enrollment Center's web page, here, to enroll at your school of residence based on your new address.


If you are enrolling a new student, and you would like to request a school other than your school of residence, you may submit a transfer request "TO REQUEST A DIFFERENT SCHOOL..." on the left-hand column, per the Timeline for submissions listed there.  (Please select "Not a current TVUSD student" for your most recent school, if your child is not attending our district yet.)


Enrollment/Registration and Transfers are two separate processes.  New students will be enrolled at their school of residence until they are approved for a transfer to a different school.  If the transfer is not approved, your student will need to attend his or her school of residence.