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TK Students

 Students going into TK (Transitional Kindergarten) :

Intradistrict Transfers (to a different school) for students who live in TVUSD are NOT offered.  For questions regarding school placement, please contact the Centralized Enrollment Center directly via the Let's Talk application on their web page, here.

Students who live in a different district may submit an Interdistrict Transfer request.  However, space availability at one of our schools is not guaranteed.


 Students already in TK :

Students who live in the Temecula district and were placed at a school that is not their school of residence, and who wish to continue there, must request an Intradistrict Transfer by selecting "TO REQUEST A DIFFERENT SCHOOL..." from the left hand column.


Students who live outside of the Temecula district must submit an Interdistrict Transfer renewal for Kindergarten, and every year after that until the 10th grade, by selecting "TO REQUEST TVUSD..." from the left hand column.