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A Letter to Parents:

Dear parents and/or guardians,


I want to first thank you for all your support this Fall semester 2018. I am writing to you today because I have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer and will be undergoing treatment that will unfortunately force me to take leave from the classroom. This comes at an inopportune time being that it is so close to the end of the semester.


Now that we have returned from Thanksgiving break our last four weeks of the semester will have been spent reviewing what we have learned this past semester. This will continue to be the our focus. My substitute has been well informed of the plans I had for the rest of the semester. Students, however, will have a more integrated role in their learning.  


Instructions for their assignment are clear, they will be working on their remaining reading logs 8 and 9 in class, they will be working to put together a Google Slide show presentation for part 1 on their final, create a “Love” poem of their own, and finally part 2 of their Portfolio. All of these assignments are continuation of what we have already worked on during the semester. I plan on keeping contact with student, resource teachers, and substitute through Google Classroom. And you can too! All you will need to do is sign request our Google Classroom code for the period your student is in.

Our school website is now up and running, therefore you can also access Google Classroom through it.


If there are any concerns please feel free to email me, as I will be keeping my computer