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TVUSD Rolls-Out iPad Program to Train 52 Third-Grade Teachers and Their 1,248 Students

Deputy Superintendent McClay, who worked closely with Apple, Inc. to bring the pilot program to TVUSD, stated, "We are only in week four, and we are already seeing amazing things. Just the other day, I observed students doing math video projects to communicate their learning about arrays. Student interest and levels of learning are far exceeding what was done before this technology." For example, students created videos to communicate their learning about the various properties of addition. Students also used strategically-selected applications like Seesaw, Swift (a coding program), and Clips to record themselves reading their written stories. Students also sent home their work with their own QR codes for their parents to see. According to Deputy Superintendent McClay, the district will be closely following the progress of these students and hopes to expand the work by adding additional devices and grade levels each year.

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