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Dear TMS Bobcat Families,

Temecula Middle School  has arranged a unique fundraising opportunity with The Press Enterprise for our TMS families and friends. Today your student received  The Press Enterprise subscription form. For only $1 you can receive The Press-Enterprise for an entire year digitally with an actual hard copy Sunday edition paper with coupons.  There is a limit to 3 per household, but you can also sign-up friends and family in other Riverside communities too. Just send in your completed subscription form with a check (made out to The Press Enterprise) or credit card (NO CASH)  information filled with your student back to TMS. They can turn it in during Advisement or to the ASB Room #511. Our fundraiser ends November 22nd, 2019.  

We would appreciate your support as we raise funds to bring in special  assemblies and programs that help support and create a positive school culture and climate here at Temecula Middle School.

Thank you for your support!

Press Enterprise Flier