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8th Grade Speech Application

8th Grade Speech Flyer


One eligible student will be selected to deliver a 6-8 minute speech to the  promoting 8th grade class on the following topic: 

Time is a strange commodity-we can't save it, retrieve it, relive it, stretch it, borrow it, loan it, stop it or store it, but can only use it or lose it. We can't call time out in the game of life. With this in mind, how should the DMS promoting class of 2021 make the best use of time through high school and beyond? What mark will this class make on our community and culture by using time wisely? 

Speak to your class about the benefits of the thoughtful use of time. What are some ways we waste time or are selfish with our time? In your speech, provide words of encouragement and consider using examples of real people who spent their time benefiting others. What was the outcome? How can you and your class take the lead in using your time effectively?

In order to be considered for this honor, all speeches must be typed, double spaced using Arial 12-point font. Speeches must be emailed to Mr. Sousa  ( by 3:00 on Monday, May 17th. Three finalists will be selected by May 24th, and they will be required to deliver their speech in person to a panel of adults. One finalist will be selected from the three finalists. Please attach this sheet to your speech. 

*This honor is open to all 8th grade students who have met the promotion requirements as outlined in the student planner.