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Middle School and High School Curriculum - Positive Prevention/Sexual Health Education

TVUSD provides positive prevention/sexual health education once a year to 8th-grade students and high school students in AP Biology/Pre-AP Biology/Biology classes.  Part of the instructional requirement is to notify families of planned instruction 14 days prior and provide an opportunity for parents to opt their students out of the instruction.  Forms for each of the participating schools have been emailed to families of students scheduled for the planned upcoming instruction.  They have also been placed in an online folder and website for review and access.  Click here to access the website with the forms and sample instructional materials.
The Temecula Valley Unified School District has purchased the Red Cross Positive Prevention curriculum.  We are not using the curriculum in its entirety, but rather have chosen to use a portion of the curriculum paired with district developed materials.  TVUSD's planned instruction is guided by several state laws including teaching that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only 100% effective protection against unwanted teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) when transmitted sexually.  Sexual health instruction content is required by Education Code 51933.  Every school district has the autonomy to choose its own curriculum as long as it meets the state guidelines outlined in law by the California Healthy Youth Act.
UPDATE:  May 13, 2019

Dear TVUSD Family and Colleagues,

We are writing to clarify key facts regarding comprehensive sex education in Temecula Valley public schools. It is our goal to address misinformation you may have heard in our community as it relates to comprehensive sex education.

Most recently, there has been a re-circulating of distasteful and blatantly inappropriate graphics, and descriptions of what comprehensive sex ed encompasses in local public schools.  These graphic images are understandably shocking to most, but they in no way represent what Temecula Valley USD teaches as a part of comprehensive sexual education. Last week, the California Department of Education (CDE), issued a new voluntary Health Education Framework, which has caused greater confusion. This framework is not a law or mandate, it is simply a guidance document. There are no plans for TVUSD to use this guidance document. Instead, TVUSD follows the law of the California Healthy Youth Act of 2016 to instruct students in grades 8 and high school.

With regards to TVUSD’s current practices below is a quick summary.

  • We respect parental rights to supervise and impart their values for their student(s) regarding sexual health.
  • We explicitly allow opt-outs for parents/guardians to pull their student(s) from sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction.
  • We offer comprehensive sex education instruction to only, once in middle school and once in high school.  For TVUSD, the instruction occurs in 8th-grade science class and high school biology classes.
  • We include information in our Annual Notifications communicating parental rights in education.  Additionally, TVUSD sends a notification about comprehensive sexual health instruction and the opt-out procedures for parents at least one month to two weeks prior to the time of instruction.
  • We offer instructional material review processes to include parent and community participation as well as opportunities for public review.

Our website is updated with instructional information that is accurate and transparent concerning comprehensive sexual health education in Temecula Valley USD.  Feel free to share, with anyone who has specific questions regarding sex ed in Temecula. If you have specific questions or would like to view the curriculum or request a brief presentation to your neighborhood group or service group, please feel free to contact TVUSD via the numbers/emails provided below. 

Linked by clicking here is a “Comprehensive Sex Ed At-A-Glance” sheet for TVUSD that provides facts on how TVUSD implements the law mandates, as well as parental rights. We have also linked here a PDF from the CDE that summarizes the difference between the CHYA and the 2019 Health Education Framework. Additionally, here is an article from EdSource on the current issue related to health and comprehensive sex education in California.

Thank you for your review of the information we have shared.  TVUSD is committed to respecting the values and differences in all students and we strive to ensure our classrooms and school sites are welcoming and courteous to all. 

Laura Boss
Public Information Officer
Temecula Valley Unified School District