SISC Added Health Benefits Program

  • SISC is the health care provider used for Certificated, Management and Confidential employees. There are additional services you can access as a member. Take full advantage of all SISC has to offer by using these benefits to help you get and stay healthy. 

    The Added Benefits flyer will let you know which SISC plan (PPO, HMO, Kaiser, etc.) you need to be enrolled in to access each added benefit. The additional flyers provide specific information on some of the added benefits provided by SISC.

    Continue to scroll and you will see three flyers that contain links to short videos which discuss the added benefit programs for each plan.

  • SISC has created three short videos promoting SISC plan features and added-value benefits available to those enrolled in Anthem, Blue Shield, or Kaiser Permanente plans. Most of these benefits are available at no cost to members. A link to the video is contained in each flyer.