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    Welcome!  Speech Specialists work with students in the following four skill areas: Language, Speech/Articulation, Fluency/Stuttering, and Voice.  My students in grades 2-5 will keep a journal in the Speech room that I provide for their Speech/Language goals and add examples throughout the year as they practice.  For the students with Language Goals, consistent nightly reading (Monday through Thursday) is important because we discuss their independent reading in our small groups.  If your child has Speech (articulation) Goals they will have homework assignments to practice with parents that require a parent signature. (Please, please, practice for ten minutes on at least four nights per week to make those muscles strong).  These home practice sessions are critical for carryover skills, so we’ll need to work together here!  Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


    Theresa Richins

    Speech, Language Pathologist (SLP)

    (951) 695-7150 x 1237