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    Classroom News and Updates

     Last week of school activities:

    Monday - yearbook signing/kickball game/math scavenger hunt

    Turesday - reading buddy celebration//classroom activities

    Wednesday (NOT modified) - Class awards/GOHS Sr. Walk of Gratitude/pack up desks

    Thursday (MODIFIED)-Board game day

    Friday (MODIFIED)- End of year party (treats welcomed)

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    Hello, my name is Anastasia Bortcosh. This is my 28th year in education!

    I have taught in Canada and California and I have my master’s degree inreading and curriculum.

    I am married and we have 3 grown children. I love to travel, read, and spend time at the beach.


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    Daily Homework Assignments

     Week of June 3:    






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      Happy Birthday


    Clara June 9

    Aedan June 15

    Evan June 23

    Jonas June 24

    Brett July 3 

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