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AP Readiness Information

  • AP Readiness 2021-2022


    August 28, 2021                 January 15, 2022

    September 25, 2021           February 5, 2022

    October 23, 2021                March 5, 2022

    December 4, 2021               April 16, 2022


     Time: 8:30-12:30

     AP Readiness Registration Page

    Last year GOHS students attended the virtual AP Readiness program at UCR in order to receive supplemental, supportive instruction in their respective AP/IB courses.  

    The intent of the workshops is to provide instructional support to AP and IB students in the following courses:

    • AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics
    • AP Calculus A/B, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP English Language and AP English Literature
    • AP World History, AP Human Geography and AP US History

    The workshops run one Saturday each month leading up to the AP exams.  They are all different, and they are organized to match the curricular development in each subject.   A student may go to just one, a few, or all eight workshops.  A student who attends all of them would receive 32 additional instructional support hours - FREE OF CHARGE!

    Student must register for workshop.  Here is the link.  

    AP Readiness Student Registration and Information

    Once a student registers, he/she doesn't need to register again this year.

    All classes are virtual this year so no bus needed!

    For more information please contact January King at jking@tvusd.us.