Public Review of the 2019/20 LCAP, Actions and Services, and Budget Drafts

  • Thank you for your review of the proposed drafts of the 2019/20 LCAP, Actions and Services, and Budget.  The LCAP's development and success is predicated on stakeholder input.  Annually, the process begins in September with engagement opportunities provided through various means.  TVUSD convenes districtwide Community Advisory Partner (CAP) meetings, school site CAP meetings, staff meetings, PTA, PTO, DELAC, ELAC, annual surveys, Board meeting presentations and study sessions, and online feedback opportunities throughout the school year.  

    Based on feedback to date and recommendations from District administration, proposed drafts of the LCAP, Actions and Services, and Budget are prepared for a public hearing, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, 2019, during the regular meeting of the Board of Education. 

    Following the public hearing, the items are scheduled for adoption by the Board during their regular meeting on June 25, 2019.

    Public comments and feedback on the proposed drafts are welcome.  Please review the drafts provided below.  Following your review, please feel free to submit comments and feedback using the Let's Talk platform at the bottom of the page. 

2019/20 LCAP, Actions and Services, and Budget Draft Plans For Public Review

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