Reporting An Absence

  • Parents and Guardians are responsible for notifying the Attendance Office to report absence reasons for their students within 48 hours. 

    Please call our:

    24 Hour Absent All Day* Attendance Line @ (951) 294-6451

    *Please use (951) 294-6450 and our extensions, listed below, for Arriving Late, Leaving Early and other Attendance business.

    Please be prepared with the following information:

    • Parent's/Guardian's name
    • Student's first and last name - spell the last name for us, please
    • Student's grade
    • Reason for the absence
    • Date of the absence
    • A phone number where you can be reached if we have any questions

    All absences should be called in by 2:00 pm each day of the student's absence. Calls received prior to 2:00 will be processed the same day, calls received after 2:00 pm will be posted the following work day.

Attendance Office

  • Notes from Parents/Guardians addressing attendance issues are accepted. Always include a phone number on all notes so you can be reached should we have a question. Each note is evaluated for authenticity. If there are any questions regarding a note then a phone call will be made to a parent. In the event a parent cannot be reached the note is considered invalid until the call is returned and the note is verified.

    All typed notes will be verified!

    The Attendance Office does randomly verify notes for authenticity.

    Once a reason for an absence has been received and recorded by the Attendance Office it cannot be changed unless there is documentation provided (ie: Doctor's visit receipt/note, Court documents, etc.).

    If the Attendance Office has not received notification from a parent/guardian within 3 days after an absence that absence will then be marked as a Truant absence.

    Parents/Guardians have 15 days from the date of the initial absence to change the Truant mark to the correct reason for the absence (ie: illness, doctor, dental, personal business, college visits, etc.). To change the mark from Truant to the actual reason of absence the parent or guardian needs to do one of the following:

    • Call the 24 Hour Line to report the absence - (951) 294-6451
    • Send in a note with the student to give the Office briefly explaining the reason for the absence
    • Come into the Attendance Office to give the reason for the absence

    If, after 15 days, the Truant mark remains the student's name is given to the Truancy Intervention Specialist. The student may then be called into the Office to determine the nature of the Truancy.

    We cannot accept an e-mail as a means to address absent and/or tardy issues


          24 Hour Attendance Line @ (951) 294-6451  


          To Speak With Someone In Attendance:

          Please call 294-6450  Our Direct Fax # 951/294-6469


        Jolette Ramos - Full Time Attendance Clerk - Ext 2066  (Speaks Spanish)
         Julie Bussey - PT Attendance Clerk - 7am - 11am - ext. 2067
         Kristin Keeney - PT Attendance Clerk - 10:15am - 2:15pm - ext. 2067     
         Cheryl Neff - Attendance Technician - ext. 2077 
         Juan Carbajal - Attendance Intervention / Campus Supervision - ext. 2019
         Keith Moore, Assistant Principal - ext. 2078  

Please Keep Your Information Current

  • Great Oak High School uses Caller ID to verify that we are speaking to a parent. Please be sure to update your contact information and preferences in your Infinite Campus parent portal.  You manage your own settings. Click here for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. 


Arriving Late to School

  • Students who are LATE to school, arriving after 7:30a.m., but before 8:00a.m., need to report directly to class, these tardies are handled by the classroom teachers*. 

    If arriving AFTER 8:00a.m. (or 9:15a.m. on Late Start Days), students are considered tardy-truant and they must check in at the Attendance Office. They will receive a Tardy Slip.  If they come in with a note from a parent/guardian it's an excused tardy*, if they do not have a note they may bring one in the following day or a parent may call us to clear or excuse the tardy-truant.

    *Please note: regarding an Excused Tardy Slip from the Attendance Office OR a note given to the teacher from the student (if arriving before 8:00) - it is the individual teachers' discretion to accept a note or tardy slip as "Excused". If excused tardy is denied by teacher it's usually due to too many notes and/or tardies.

When it is Necessary to Leave School Early

  • If it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day, the procedure below must be followed:

    • Call with plenty of time for us to get your student, at least an hour. It can take time to find them if the class is out of their room.
    • Parent/Guardian calls the school phone number (not the 24 Hour Attendance Line) @ 294-6450. Ask for or connect to the Attendance Office. If you get connected to a voice mail please leave a message. We do check our messages frequently.
    • Leave the student's name, spell the last name
    • Your relationship to the student
    • The time you need the student released
    • The reason they need to leave
    • Phone number where we can reach you if needed


    • A note can be sent with the student to bring to the Attendance Office. Have the student bring the note to the Attendance Office before school, at Break/Lunch or between classes. Students are not to bring notes to the Attendance Office during class time.

    Upon receipt of either of the above the student will be given an Off Campus Pass. Students cannot leave without an Off Campus Pass. Doing so will result in a a Truancy and a referral to PBIS.

    If the student returns on the same day as released then they must sign back in at the Attendance Office. Neglecting to sign back in upon return results in the student being marked absent from attended classes. 

    Other Off Campus info...

    If your student becomes ill while on campus they need to ask their teacher for a pass to the Health Office. Once there, they can call their parent/guardian. The Health Clerk or Nurse will speak with the parent/guardian to decide what needs to be done. If the student needs to leave campus the Health Clerk/Nurse will give them a pass to the Attendance Office where they get immediately released. Failure to follow this procedure will result in longer wait times for the student.

    • Be sure to let your child know where you will meet him/her. We suggest in front of the office. This will eliminate your need to park and come inside to sign him/her out.
    • Upon a students’ return to school on the same day as they have left, he/she must sign back in at the Attendance Office. He/she will then be given a pass back to class. If your student returns to campus and DOES NOT check back in at the Attendance Office, we will not know he/she has returned and thus can not give them credit for attending the classes they came back for. 
    PARENTS: If you are picking up your student towards the beginning of a class period, the student must report to that class (unless they have an “Off Campus Pass”) to get credit for that class. For example: class starts at 9:40am, you have informed your student that you will be here at 9:50 to get them, they must attend class until the 9:50 time. They can not be out of class waiting for you. Doing so will result in the student being marked truant.
    Students may not leave campus for any reason without following the above procedures.  

Asking for Your Help

  • We need your understanding that last minute phone calls & last minute visits to the Attendance Office to release your student(s) early from school may not be accomplished in an immediate time frame. It is our policy at all times that we need at least one hour notice so that we can locate your student and have them ready to leave at the time you give us.

    Please plan ahead! Send a note with your student to bring to us before school starts; call us the night before on the school line (not the 24 hour absent line) @ 294-6450. Punch in one of the following extensions: 2066, 2067 or 2077. You will get our Voice Mail , please leave a message and we will process the information the next morning having your student ready to leave at your designated time.


Checking Out Early During Testing, AP, IB, State Testing and Finals

  • During testing times the Attendance Office is extremely busy, often being 1 - 2 hours (or more) behind on getting to all the voice messages that have been left.  The Attendance Office cannot interrupt any classes to release students for any reason.   Please plan ahead giving the Attendance office at least 2 hours' notice that you will need your student released or send your student with a note to be given to the Attendance Office for your student's release. A parent coming into the office in an attempt to expedite this process will not result in this process moving any faster!