To Attend/Continue Attending the TEMECULA DISTRICT -with Residence in a Different District


    "INTERdistrict" Transfers - IN


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    ♦ Submit ONLY IF you live in another district (for example, Hemet or Fallbrook) and wish to attend the Temecula district.  (If you are MOVING to the Temecula District, you DO NOT need a transfer - please follow the New Student Enrollment steps here instead.)

    ♦ These transfers must be approved by both your district of residence AND the Temecula district

    ♦ Approved students are bound by the Interdistrict Attendance Policy, which can be viewed here

    ♦ Approvals may be revoked or rescinded at any time due to unsatisfactory attendance, citizenship or scholarship

    ♦ Only letter grades of A+ through C- earned at one of our schools will qualify for credit for graduation  

    ♦ These transfers must be renewed every year up until, and including, the 10th grade (11th and 12th graders who completed the prior year on an Interdistrict Transfer to TVUSD are no longer required to submit renewals to continue at TVUSD)

Steps to Follow:


    Step 1:     Fill out the online portion to attend TVUSD for the corresponding school year below.  [If you wish to continue to attend TVUSD with residence in a different district, you will need to submit a complete transfer request (Steps 1 through 4) for the following year as well.  These are available during the second week of January before the start of the new school year.]

     For the 2019/20 school year, click here   

    • We will begin receiving Interdistrict Transfer requests for the 2020/21 school year during mid January of 2020


    Step 2:     Contact the school district in which you reside to obtain an approved Interdistrict Transfer Request Form (also know as an "Attendance Permit" or "Release") out of their district.   This applies even if your child has never attended there before, as it is based on residence address and not enrollment. 

    If you live in the Murrieta District (to check, click on their map, here), you may access their Interdistrict Transfer Request Form online on their transfers webs page:                           For all other districts, please visit their district offices to obtain the form.


    Step 3:     Most districts will mail their approved Interdistrict Transfer Request Form directly to us.  If your district does not, please bring the original form signed by your district of residence (from Step 2) to the address at the bottom of this page and drop it off in the Transfers Bin at building 21, begjnning the second week of January before the start of the school year you are requesting. 

    NOTE:  If your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and DOES NOT currently attend one of our schools, please also submit a copy of his or her most recent IEP, so that we may move forward with the review process 


    Step 4:     Wait to hear back from us.  Transfer requests are subject to space availability.  Unfortunately, we will only be able to approve your transfer request if there is sufficient space for new and/or returning transfer students at one of our schools in the grade and/or program requested.  If approved, we will attempt to honor your requested school; however, we reserve the right to place students at any of our schools within the district. 

    If your child is NOT currently enrolled in our district, he or she must attend your district of residence until you hear back from us. DO NOT disenroll your child from his or her current school, unless you receive an approval from the Temecula School District to attend one of our schools.


    For general updates, please check the Transfers Home Page periodically.