• PE-1 A/B using a Total Point Grading System.  Grades are based on the following components:  Participation, effort, attitude, sportsmanship, mastery of fundamentals and skills, written tests, and fitness test.  Students can earn a maximum of 10 points on Activity days (usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) and a maximum of 10 points on fitness days (usually Wednesday and Friday).  Grading will be based on a percentage of points earned using the chart below.

Grading Scale

Percentage of Points Earned Letter Grade
97.5% or more A+
92.5%-97.5% A
89.5%-92.5% A-
87.5%-89.5% B+
82.5%-87.5% B
79.5%-82.5% B-
77.5%-79.5% C+
72.5%-77.5% C
69.5%-72.5% C-
69.5% or Less F

Point System

Students start each day with full daily points. Points are deducted as outlined below.
Reason Deduction Make-ups Available
Gum 3 pts No
Non-suit All Points that Day No
Absences All Points that Day Yes
Medical (Dr. Note) If Modified PE = None // If No PE = Must make up Yes
Parent Note All Points that Day Yes
No Note Medical (student decides not to participate) All Points that Day No // Yes (Student brings Parent Note next day)
100% Participation Earned all points N/A
Less than 100% 3 points / 6 points / All No
Warm-ups Run (Walking during Run) 3 points No
Warm-up Stretching (Not fully participation in stretching) 3 points No
Spirit Run (Walking/Effort) 3 points No
Sportsmanship (ie: Not following Rules/Language/Switching Teams) 3 or more No
Not Following Directions/Protocol 3 points No