3rd Grade Rocks

Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Hamilton Room 28

  • Mrs. Allison will be in the classroom MONDAY, TUESDAY, and every other WEDNESDAY.


    Mrs. Hamilton will be in the classroom THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and every other WEDNESDAY.

Room 28 Kids
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    Classroom Happenings

    School Pictures-Tuesday, September 11th at 1:20pm

    No School Friday, September 14th-Staf Development Day


    Topic 2 in math is working on adding and subtracting strtegies. They will be expected to round and estimate to find sums and differences. Students need to be practicing their basic addition and subtraction math facts. There is problem solving involved in all of the lessons in the topic. Students need to be reading the problems and identifying the impportant information and what theproblem is asking them to find. Students are participating in 4 weeks of intervention and enrichment with rounding and place value after completing the Topic 1 assessment. Scores under 80% will be reassessed for proficiency. 




    Social Studies