Name Title Email Contact Number
Ahlberg, Heather Counseling Clerk 695-7300 x3103
Bass, Cal Custodian 695-7300 x2161
Calvert, Debbie Health Clerk 695-7300 x2111
Dash-Honore, Patti Principal's Admin Assistant 695-7300 x2101
Paz, Ana Library Technician 695-7300 x2126
Kennedy, Curtis School Resource Officer 695-7300 x2114
Luciano, Denise Registrar 695-7300 x2153
Mertz, Canli Bookkeeper 695-7300 x2147
Sanchez, Rosemary College and Career Counseling Technician 695-7300 x2150
Bennett, Tonya Receptionist 695-7300 x2100
Trippet, Karen Attendance Technician 695-7300 x2144
Vance, Julie AP Secretary 695-7300 x2105
Pierce, Andrea College and Career Counseling Technician 695-7300 x2149
Vasquez, Joyce AP Secretary 695-7300 x2134
Bailey, Franki Counseling Secretary 951-695-7300 x2152