What is Measure Y?

  • Measure Y is a ballot initiative that was approved by 63 percent of voters of the Temecula Valley Unified School District in November 2012.  Measure Y makes available $165 million from property taxes to acquire, construct and reconstruct school facilities, and provide for supporting infrastructure at existing school sites throughout the District. The funds come from issuance of a series of bonds to occur four times over approximately ten years.  The first series of bonds was issued in February 2013 for $35 million. 

    Since the time the initiative was approved, the funds made available by Measure Y have been budgeted to address the most critical building needs of the District.  These needs, identified in the Master Facility Plan and Bond Project List were prioritized through a weighing of numerous factors, including health, safety and security, regulatory and legal compliance issues, technology needs, educational program enhancements, projected enrollment growth, and the District’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

    Click on this link to access the District's Facilities Master Plan