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  • IF YOU ARE MOVING ELSEWHERE AND WILL ATTEND THERE, OR IF YOU ARE MOVING TO TVUSD AND WILL ATTEND YOUR SCHOOL OF RESIDENCE HERE, THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED A TRANSFER.  Please contact your current school to withdraw your student, and enroll as a new student at your new school district, instead.

  • * UPDATES * 

    TRANSFER REQUESTS TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL WITHIN TUVSD (First option on left-hand column):

    • For the 2019/20 (current) school year:  No longer being accepted
    • For the 2020/21 (upcoming) school year:  Open Enrollment has closed.  We are only accepting transfer requests to the Wait List, which will be based on additional space availability for transfer students by the second week after school starts.  

    TRANSFER REQUESTS TO OR FROM A DIFFERENT DISTRICT (Second or third option on left-hand column):

    • For the 2019/20 (current) school year:  TEMPORARILY SUSPENDEDNormally available until April 30, 2020
    • For the 2020/21 (upcoming) school year:  TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.  Normally available until July 13, 2020 for priority consideration to TVUSD from other districts.  If you are requesting to attend a different district with residence in TVUSD, please check with the district you are requesting regarding their priority dates.

All Transfer Requests Are:

    • Based on where you live, NOT where your child attends
    • Different and independent from enrollment and registration
    • Reviewed with regard to space availability and date/time submitted - they are not guaranteed
    • Reviewed individually and siblings may receive responses at different times
    • Sent an email copy of the online request or portion submitted (please check your spam folder)

Transfers Info: