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  • If you are moving elsewhere AND WILL ATTEND THERE, or if you are moving to TVUSD AND WILL ATTEND YOUR SCHOOL OF RESIDENCE, this is NOT considered a transfer.  Please contact your current school to withdraw your student and enroll as a new student, instead.

  • * UPDATES * 

    TRANSFER REQUESTS TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL   ("Intradistrict" - 1st option on left-hand column) :

    • For the 2020/21 (current) school year:  We are not accepting transfer requests to a different school
    • For the 2021/22 (next) school year:  We will accept transfer requests from October 14, 2020 to January 31, 2021

    TRANSFER REQUESTS TO / FROM A DIFFERENT DISTRICT   ("Interdistrict" - 2nd or 3rd option on left-hand column) :

    • For the 2020/21 (current) school year:  We are accepting requests to attend TVUSD from other districts on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to attend a different district are also available.
    • For the 2021/22 (next) school year:  We will begin accepting transfer requests between districts on January 11, 2021.  The priority period for requests to attend TVUSD is until March 12, 2021.  For requests to attend a different district, please check with them regarding their priority dates. 

All Transfer Requests Are:

    • Based on where you live, NOT where your child attends
    • Different and independent from enrollment and registration
    • Reviewed with regard to space availability and date/time submitted - they are not guaranteed
    • Reviewed individually and siblings may receive responses at different times
    • Sent an email copy of the online request or portion submitted (please check your spam folder)

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