• Do you need a student I.D. card? 

    Come to the library, we can print a new one for you. $5 if you lost the first one, FREE if you never got an ID card (new students, recent transfers). 

    CHS ID Card


  • How to Check Out a Library Book

    1. Please wait in line at the sign until you are called to the counter.
    2. Show your current CHS I.D. card to library staff, or a parent may check out books for you.
    3. Library books are due in three weeks, but can be renewed unless another student has requested the book.
    4. You may check out 3 novels at a time (in addition to core literature you are reading in class). You may also check out 2 nonfiction (information) books at a time, but just one on each research topic.
    5. If a book you need is out, ask us to put a "hold" on it, and you will be the next person to check it out.
    6. Overdue library books must be returned and fines paid before checking out a new book -- checking out library books is a privilege.
  • Library Rules

    1. The library is a quiet place to read or study (NO Cell Phones).
    2. No food, drink, candy, or gum in the library, not even water. 
    3. Computers are for school business only. You may print 5 pages free, every page after that is 10 cents a page (print double sided if at all possible).
    4. During class, you need an official campus pass to stay in the library. Stop at the desk to make sure there is room for you, then sign in.
    5. You need a current CHS ID card to check out books.
    6. SAFETY FIRST! Keep your belonging under the table.  Please put your chairs back where you found them.  KNOW WHERE YOUR EMERGENCY EXIT IS!


  • About the Library

    Regular Library Hours

    Monday 8 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

    Tuesday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

    Schedule on minimum days: LIBRARY CLOSES at 1 p.m.

    The library is checking in and out textbooks the first and last two weeks of each semester. It will not be open for student use during these times.


    Telephone 951-695-4200 x130

    email chslibrary@tvusd.k12.ca.us

    Mrs. Sheila Ferguson, Library Technician 

    Mrs. Sue Palomares, Library Assistant II (mornings)

    Mrs. Ana Paz, Library Assistant II (afternoons)


  • Textbook News

    The Library will close for 1st Semester on Wednesday, the 19th.  Get you projects done now, don't procrastinate, plan ahead.  We will open again on Monday, the 14.  Now is the time to return your 1 (one) semester textbooks.  They become overdue as of 12/21/18.  We will be checking out 2nd semester textbooks starting on Tuesday, the 8th.  Bring your current ID card and make sure all of your fines are paid in full.  Have a Happy Holiday!

    How to pay a fine online - visit the CHS student store on our website. Print out your receipt and bring the receipt with you to the library. 

    QUESTIONS? Telephone 951-695-4200 x129 

    email chslibrary@tvusd.k12.ca.us


        **Money Saving Tips**   

    Avoid fines on library books and textbooks!

    1. Check books carefully -- you have two weeks after checking a book out to report any damages such as writing, torn pages, or food or drink spills. If you do not report the damages promptly, you will have to pay for the damages when you return the book. It is the student's financial responsibility to check their books, not the library staff.
    2. Don't leave books in a classroom, even if the teacher offers a cupboard! If the book is damaged, lost or stolen from the classroom YOU are still financially responsible to pay for it.
    3. Cover your textbooks to keep them clean; please don't tape covers to the actual book.
    4. Avoid water damage, water turns to mold! Don't put drinks in a backpack with books. Put books in a plastic bag if you carry them to school on a rainy day.
    5. Always return your book personally to the library counter so that we can be sure the book you are returning is the same one you borrowed.