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    • Counselors are available for students on a drop-in basis before school, at break, at lunch, or after school.    
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    • Parents need to make an appointment with their child’s counselor.  Appointments are typically made by phone or email.

    If this is an EMERGENCY, please make sure you speak to a trusted adult ASAP. If this is a mental health EMERGENCY,  please contact 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.   

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    • Promoting positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers, and community.
    • Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.
    • Helping students understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.
    • Working collaboratively with students, parents and teachers to identify and remove barriers to student achievement.
    • Providing support during personal crisis.
    • Helping to create a safe school environment where students can learn.
    • Helping students develop communication and interpersonal skills needed to relate well to others.
    • Teaching students to make positive choices and deal with change.
    • Helping students create educational plans and set goals.
    • Helping students learn conflict resolution skills.

    • All students have equitable access to knowledge and skills to academically succeed.
    • All students have equitable access to achieve college/career awareness.
    • All students have the ability to maintain a positive attitude toward personal growth.
    • All students are individually responsible to become contributors to their community.
    • All students have a respectful, safe, nurturing, high quality teaching environment that supports achievement and leadership.


    Through participation in Gardner Middle School’s Counseling Program, all students will develop into socially responsible, contributing members of a diverse community.  They will develop a positive mindset and a strong sense of accountability to standards that exist outside of themselves for the greater good. They will develop necessary skills to successfully transition to high school, participate in post secondary education, and obtain and maintain employment. Additionally, students will be emotionally intelligent, independent thinkers, and lifelong learners.


    The mission of the Gardner Middle School Counseling program is to collaborate with teachers, staff, parents and the community to provide a welcoming and safe environment.  Students will receive equitable access to the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to achieve academic success and college/career awareness.  Paramount to individual student success is a positive attitude toward personal growth and social responsibility to become successful contributing members of the community.