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  •  Who Are We?

    Peer Leaders is a program which focuses on the well being of Chaparral.  These students are dedicated to the support and involvement of all students, parents, and staff. Those chosen to be in the program have shown a history of academic and personal success, and a strong desire to help others. Peer Leaders is an asynchronous, A-G course. Students enrolled in the program will have the course on their schedule and be put in the CAT30 class.

    Peer Leader activities include:

    • Peer tutoring
    • Freshman orientation
    • Mentoring
    • New Student lunches
    • Back to School Night
    • Visiting Freshman CAT 30 classes to keep them updated on school events
    • Spring Showcase
    • Multiple retreats and team bonding activities

    **INTERESTED IN JOINING? APPLY HERE23/24 Peer Leader Application

  • Advisors

    Christina Gandy

    Alva Ruiz








Peer Leaders