• It's All Greek To Me Club

Meeting Day/Time

  • Members will meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month during their lunch period in the Library/Media Center.  They should bring their lunch and enjoy it during the meeting.





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  • Greek Mythology Book


    Greek Mythology

Why Greece, you ask?

  • I have traveled to Greece five times and have fallen in love with the culture (people, food, history, language, etc.).  My son has lived in Greece for five years and has married into a wonderful Greek family.  My hobby for the past two years has been studying the Greek language.  It's been hard at times, but very rewarding.  I'm hoping to be able to communicate better with my son's new family during my next visit, as well as communicate with others in the city and villages I visit.  During my trips, I have had the opportunity to visit several parts of the country and have decided to share my love for the country with our students through an "It's all Greek To Me Book Club."



     Temple of Athena

    Temple of Athena

    Greek Parliament

    Greek Parliament


    Panathenaic Stadium

    Tomb of Unknown Soldier

    Tomb of the Unknown Solider


    Evzones of the Presidential Guard

    Temple of Aphaia

    Temple of Aphaia on the Island of Aegina

      National Library of Greece

    National Library of Greece


    National Library of Greece at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural CenterThis library includes a public section.







2023/24 It's All Greek To Me (Teen Literacy Council) Book Club Members

  • Club Officers:

    Arnaaz D. - President
    Joshua A. - Vice President
    Sophia A. - Secretary
    Treasurer - Alexis D.

    General Members:

    Ayaka B.
    Gemma C.
    Benjamin C.
    Ava F.
    Muni G.
    Sofia H.
    Jonah H.
    Melina M.
    Evelynn N.
    Gabriella T.
    Gabriella V.

  • Greek Club learning about the Evil Eye and making Evil Eye Bracelets - Nov. 2023

    Joshua A, Jonah H. Sophia A., Sofia H., Melina M. and Gabriella V.

    Gabriella T., Arnaaz D., Evelynn N. and Ava F.


  • Building The Parthenon

    Building The Parthenon 2022

    The Parthenon

    Natalie's Parthenon 2022

    The Parthenon

    Arnaaz's Parthenon 2022

    The Parthenon

    Working on their Parthenon buildings 2022

    Greek Gyros

    Ms. Jones & Mrs. Wilson enjoying the Temecula Greek Festival 2022

    Greek Festival

    We had Greek Club representation at the festival - 2022

    Greek Festival

    Mrs. Hartman enjoying sweets at the Greek Festival - 2022

    Making Greek Flags

    Learning about the Greek Flag - 2022

    Greek Flags

    Showing off our Greek Flags - 2022

    Lunch time

    Enjoying lunch time - 2022

    Medusa Story

    Watched about Medusa and Perseus - 2022