What is CJSF?

    CJSF is the acronym for California Junior Scholarship Federation. CJSF is a state wide organization to honor and foster outstanding California middle school students based on scholarship, service, and citizenship. It has over 865 chapters. California Junior Scholarship Federation is an affiliate of the high school level CSF  (California Scholarship Federation) and was founded in 1967.

    How do you qualify as a CJSF Nominee?

    In order for a student to qualify for CJSF membership, a student must maintain outstanding scholarship and citizenship during her/his 7th and 8th grade year; membership is evaluated each semester. Students' academic evaluation is based on a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and the score of their core subjects (language arts, math, science, and social studies) for a total of 8 points: A's are 3 points, B's are 1 point. Any D's, F's, N's, or U's in any class  automatically disqualifies a student. Students are invited to participate based on the above and receive invitations and membership applications which are distributed in their Advisement classes at the beginning of each semeter.

    Who is in CJSF?

    7th  (second semester) and 8th grade students who have outstanding scholarship and citizenship during their 7th and 8th grade years. In addition, members are asked to complete five hours of community service per semester or ten hours of community service a year.  In order to maintain active membership, students must attend meetings, which are held once a month.  Active membership requires no more than two absences at meetings per semester.  

    What are the characteristics of a CJSF member?


    The student must earn 8 points in his/her  academic area (A=3 pts, B= 1 pt). In addition, there may be no D's, F's, N's or U's in any class.


    This quality is defined through the minimum of ten hours of voluntary contributions made by the student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, enthusiastic attitude.


    Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea contributors and dependable.  They are people who exemplify positive attitudes about life.  Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community.


    The student of good character upholds principles of morality and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect of others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.


    The student who demonstrates citizenship, understands the importance of civic involvement, has a high regard for freedom, justice  and democracy, and demonstrates mature participation and responsibility.

    Who is the Advisor?

    Mrs. Picquelle: tpicquelle@tvusd.us or 294-6600, ext. 3033.