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    AVID'S Mission

    Our mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society
    Welcome to Chaparral High School and more importantly...WELCOME TO CHS AVID!!!  The long awaited move to high school has arrived. It is a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to work with your child over the next year (and possibly more) as their AVID teacher.  Since your child chose to be in AVID, they have communicated loud and clear that their education and future success in a career matter greatly to them. While graduation is 4 years away, choices they make academically and behaviorally their freshman year can have an effect on their future.  With that said, AVID is here to help give them the skills needed to succeed while also helping them identify and achieve short term and long term goals.  

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    2018-2019 Application

    Please complete the application and turn into your middle school counselor by February 28