• August 16, 2019

    Dear Pioneer Families,

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  We hope that all of you have enjoyed your summer together and have had the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.  While we know some of you wish the summer would never end, we are elated to begin this school year as we work to spread the message of kindness throughout our community and make a difference in the lives of students daily!

    This year, we are adding a third Administrator to the BES team. Please join me in welcoming Mary Jimenez to our team. Ms. Jimenez’s official title is Intervention Administrator but please know, we are a team. Our ultimate goal is to ensure consistency and thorough support for all students, staff, and families. We will be working in collaboration all year long and are each here, ready, willing and able to support BES to the best of our abilities. Please do not be surprised or concerned to see us together in communication and in person. With most of us being new to the team, we have a lot of BES learning to do and are excited to do it! We cannot wait to get to know each of you better as we support BES every day.

    As with last year, we will continue to ask students, staff and parents to think about how they can “be the reason someone smiles today” and how they can “throw kindness like confetti.”  We have already seen the beginnings of this work on our campus.  We have seen what a difference BES students can make through the work of our Kindness Crew last year.  We are so excited to see what our community does next!

    We will also continue to focus on the other amazing things that make our campus great including: PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support), RtI (Response to Intervention), Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) and Physical Education (PE).  PE, with our two PE specialists, will happen within the first semester, while PE & VAPA will be second semester. Both PE and VAPA will be supplemented by work done in the classroom with your teacher and the rest of the students.

    We hope that all of you will join us on this journey as we hope to inspire our students to remember that “Kindness Begins with Me!” It is going to be an incredible year of learning and growth for us all. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns. We are here for you to best meet the needs of students and staff.

    We look forward to a fantastic year!

    Mrs. Gradstein, Mrs. Hoadley & Mrs. Bouck

    BES Administration Team


Be Kind - Dalai Lama