• CTE Mission

    The mission of Career Technical Education is to provide industry-linked programs and services that enable ALL students to reach their career goals in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency, compete in the local, state, and global marketplace, and contribute to the economic prosperity of their communities.

    CTE Vision

    The Career Technical Education vision to accomplishing the mission is that CTE will engage every student in high-quality, rigorous, and relevant educational pathways and programs, developed in partnership with business and industry, promoting creativity, innovation, leadership, community service, and lifelong learning, and allowing students to turn their "passions into paychecks" - their dreams into careers.  We will do this by targeting the 11 CTE Essential Requirements and ensuring that they are being met and/or exceeded with clear defined success indicators.  

    TVUSD CTE programs prepare students for many of the 15 California industry sectors (click here for more information regarding the 15 California industry sectors) in our economy, including those requiring university and other post-high school preparation as well as entry level on the job training.  In keeping with the TVUSD mission of “High Quality Teaching and Learning for All,” CTE prepares students for post-secondary education, the military, the workforce, and life as it teaches the standards for career ready practice (click here for more information regarding the standards for career ready practice).

  •          CTE Pathways Offered at TVHS