• About Ysabel Barnett

    Here at BES, we take pride not only in learning academics but also in having good character.  Being the very best we can be and having good character is what makes Ysabel Barnett a fabulous, safe place to learn.  Our students will learn how to give 100% to be their personal best.  The students will learn about 13 attributes that represent values with a certain guarantee of success.  Being successful and making good choices is quite simple at Ysabel Barnett; We ACT like a Pioneer. Pioneers Are Respectful and Trustworthy, Care about Others, and Take Responsibility. Some of the rewards are intrinsic, such as having good friends and earning a good reputation.  Some of the other rewards are extrinsic, such as receiving a “Pillar of Pride,” “Pioneer Patch”, or having lunch with the principal.  Please review out school expectations with your child regularly. Students are already making good choices and on their way to success!