School Entrance

    Students enroll at Rancho Vista High School mainly for Credit Recovery.  If students were struggling or not successful in the comprehensive high school, they have the option of transferring to RVHS to recover the credits they did not earn.  They can accomplish this goal twice as fast because of the quarter system.  Of course we encourage all students to always achieve beyond expectation.  Attending RVHS does not mean you're a bad student or person, it simply means you've fallen behind or lost focus.  Here at Rancho Vista High School we are all here to help you get back on track.



    While the comprehensive high schools are set on a semester system, RVHS offers a quarter system that allows for more classes in a shorter amount of time. The RVHS school year is divided into four parts called quarters.  Each quarter, a student has the opportunity to earn 5 credits per class.  Students earn 1 credit at a time.  Each credit is approximately 2 weeks or 10 school working days.  At the end of each quarter a student will get a new schedule with all new classes for the next quarter. Because of our unique situation, students can recover lost credits quickly and usually graduate on time, though Graduation is not guaranteed. Our students work hard and focus on their goals in order to earn their diploma.