NVES handprint wall

About NVES

  • School Vision and Mission

    The staff at Nicolas Valley Elementary School firmly believe that all students can be successful learners. We believe that learning is a life-long process in which students, teachers, and parents must work closely together to ensure student success.  We are commintted to providing a learning environment that is safe, caring, nuturing, focused, and responsive to student needs.  Instruction is based on the Common Core State Standards and incorporates a variety of materials and strategies designed to meet every student's needs. 

     The Nicolas Valley Elementary School community, along with Temecual Valley Unified School District, holds the following core values:

    • Student centered in everything we do;
    • Focused on results;
    • Bias for action and willingness to take risks for students;
    • Respect and empowerment of teachers, staff, and students;
    • Value parents as participants;
    • Maintain the integrity of district-wide standards while encouraging school site autonomy.