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Mrs. Jennifer Burlingham

  • HERE are the sample student responses for the 2006 (B) rhetorical analysis prompt (Joan of Arc)

  • WEEKLY AGENDA: 11/26-11/30

    Monday, Nov. 26

    1. Review vocab list 14

    2. Ch. 5 review passages (What is Steinbeck arguing about OWNERSHIP, TECHNOLOGY, or INDIVIDUAL VS. COMMUNITY)

    HW: Ch. 11-20 of TGOW read by tomorrow!


    Tuesday, Nov. 27

    1. Rhetorical terms: euphemism & asyndeton

    2. Reading Quiz, GOW Ch. 11-20


    Wednesday, Nov. 28

    Argument Timed Write


    Thursday, Nov. 29

    1. Rhetorical Terms: polysyndeton & cumulative sentence

    2. Review student samples of yesterday's prompt

    3. Peer scoring 

    Friday, Nov. 30

    Finish yesterday’s peer scoring

    HW: TGOW, CH. 21-30 read by Monday, Dec. 10



    WEEKLY AGENDA: 11/12-11/16

    Monday, Nov. 12



    Tuesday, Nov. 13

    DUE: Final (typed) draft of 2009 essay

    1. Rhetorical term: catharsis

    2. New vocab-- lists 13-16; review list 13

    3. NOTES: the 10 perspectives & stakeholders 

    4. Practice 10 perspectives & stakeholders with 2010 (B) prompt (Buy Nothing Day)

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by TOMORROW

    Wednesday, Nov. 14

    DUE: TGOW, Ch. 1-10 read

    1. Rhetorical term: colloquialism

    2. Reading Quiz on Ch. 1-10

    3. Review characters, plot, & themes

    4. Dust Bowl information

    Thursday, Nov. 15

    1. Rhetorical term: rhetorical fragment

    2. Explain the “intercalary chapters” 

    3. Close reading of Ch. 1


    HW: Ch. 11-20 of TGOW done by Tuesday, Nov. 27

    Prepare for Group Discussion #1 (write 4 questions)


    Friday, Nov. 16

    DUE: Preparation for Group Discussion #1

    1. Multiple Choice passage-- Ch. 7

    2. Group Discussion #1

    HW: Ch. 11-20 of TGOW done by Tuesday, Nov. 27

    WEEKLY AGENDA: 11/5-11/9

    Monday, Nov. 5

    1. Review Vocab list 12

    2. They Say, I Say. Ch. 6 (pg. 78-90)

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by Wednesday, Nov. 14

    One-pager #2 due Friday, Nov. 9


    Tuesday, Nov. 6

    1. Rhetorical term: apostrophe

    2. Counterclaim practice with one of the argument prompts we’ve used in the past few weeks: (2018: the unknown; 2009 (b): television; 2016: progress through disobedience; 1991: wisdom & grief)

    → identify position

    → Write simple position statement

    → identify the central concerns/arguments of the OPPOSITE side (list 2-3)

    → Using some of the templates from TSIS, write a paragraph that addresses counterclaims

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by Wednesday, Nov. 14

    One-pager #2 due Friday, Nov. 9


    Wednesday, Nov. 7

    Argument Timed Write

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by Wednesday, Nov. 14

    One-pager #2 due Friday, Nov. 9

    Thursday, Nov. 8

    1. Rhetorical Term: archetype

    2. Peer feedback groups

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by Wednesday, Nov. 14

    Final (typed) draft of 2009 essay due by Tuesday, Nov. 13

    One-pager #2 due Friday, Nov. 9

    Friday, Nov. 9

    DUE: One-pager#2

    1. VOCAB TEST, 9-12

    2. Reading time…

    HW: Ch. 1-10 of TGOW read by Wednesday. Nov. 14

    Final (typed) draft of 2009 essay due by Tuesday, Nov. 13



    WEEKLY AGENDA: 10/29-11/2

    Monday, Oct. 29

    1. Review vocab. List 11

    2. The Language of Composition, pgs. 97-109-- notes on evidence

    3. Explain Argument Evidence Grid; Explain types of evidence

    4. Pass out 1991 prompt, discuss position HW 


    Think about the 1991 prompt. Develop a position on it (agree, disagree, qualify)--> due tomorrow

    1 page argument response (students should be grouped by ability, not by age)--> Due Wednesday

    OPTIONAL rhetorical analysis rewrite--> Due Wednesday


    Tuesday, Oct. 30

    DUE: Position on 1991 prompt

    1. Rhetorical term: adage

    2. 1991 prompt:  

    4-corners (agree, agree with exception, disagree, disagree with exception)

    Within these groups, collect evidence (at least 3 boxes of the evidence grid)




    1 page argument response (students should be grouped by ability, not by age)--> Due tomorrow

    OPTIONAL rhetorical analysis rewrite--> Due tomprrow


    Wednesday, Oct. 31

    DUE: 1 page argument response #1, optional rhetorical analysis rewrite

    1. Introduction to Rogerian Argument

    2. “Formulating an Argument” handout

    → Read through the prompt and passage

    → As a group, complete the “Ehrenrich says…” paragraph

    → Discuss your position-- do you agree or disagree with her?

    HW: Complete the “I say…” paragraph on "Formulating an Argument" handout


    Thursday, Nov. 1

    DUE: “I Say” paragraph

    1. Rhetorical Term: ambiguity

    2. Share HW paragraphs

    3. Barry Schwartz TED talk (paradox of choice)

    4. Library visit to check out The Grapes of Wrath 

    Friday, Nov. 2

    1. Review Schwartz TED talk

    2. Complete the “Schwartz says…” paragraph


    → Discuss your position-- do you agree or disagree with him? What additional evidence supports his theory? What evidence could you use against him?

    --> Complete the “I say” response

    3. Introduce this week’s one-pager topic: “A college education should be free.”


    1 page argument response (A college education should be free)--> Due Wednesday, 11/7


    WEEKLY AGENDA: 10/22-10/26

    Monday, Oct. 22

    1. Review vocab list 10

    2. Return last week's timed writes

    3. Explain requirements for revising one RA essay (this is due by Tuesday, Oct. 30)

    → Should be a complete rewrite (don’t just focus on correcting what I marked; find ways to improve overall)

    → Also include a narrative of the main changes you made and how they have improved your essay (at least ½ page)

    4. Introduction to the AP Argument prompt


    Tuesday, Oct. 23

    1. Discuss argument prompts from 2007 and 2016. For each...

    → Describe the argument in your own words (& address any confusion)

    → Discuss the position options: what are the possibilities? What is the evidence for each?

    → How could you extend the argument to a larger idea?

    → Read the high scoring sample for each

    HW: (due Friday)

    Read “Class Dismissed”  in preparation for discussion on Friday.

    --Mark the article for places you agree and places you disagree.

    --Highlight or paraphrase Kirn’s position

    --Decide whether you agree or disagree with Kirn


    Wednesday, Oct. 24//COLLEGE KICKOFF DAY

    1. Rhetorical Term: tautology

    2. Review student samples from yesterday's prompts

    HW: (due Friday)

    “Class Dismissed” article


    Thursday, Oct. 25

    1. Rhetorical Term: zeugma

    2. They Say I Say, Ch. 4  & complete graphic organizer

    HW: (due Friday)

    “Class Dismissed” article



    Friday, Oct. 26

    DUE: Kirn article annotations

    1. Discuss position statement of Kirn article 

    2. Individually, develop position statement, think of evidence, anticipate counterclaims, think through stakeholders

    3. Whole class discussion of Kirn article

    4. Explain weekly one-pager assignment

    HW (due next Wed): 1 page argument response--> "Students should be grouped by ability, not by age."



    WEEKLY AGENDA: 10/15-10/19

    Monday, Oct. 15

    1. Pass out new vocab lists & review list 9

    2. Practice multiple choice passage

    HW: Read 2006 (B) passage AND write 2 questions you have about the content or context


    Tuesday, Oct. 16

    1. Rhetorical Term: metonymy

    2. Review 2006(B) passage

    3. Complete device/effect graphic organizer; highlight the examples/strategies that you would be most likely to use

    4. Discuss possible organizational methods for this passage

    HW: Prepare for tomorrow's timed write (review notes, etc.)

    Wednesday, Oct. 17

    Timed Write (blind prompt, no notes, in class draft will be scored)


    Thursday, Oct. 18

    1. Rhetorical Term: synecdoche

    2. Multiple choice diagnostic exam


    Friday, Oct. 19

    Review Multiple choice diagnostic exam


    WEEKLY AGENDA: 10/8-10/12

    Monday, Oct. 8

    1. Review Vocab list 8

    2. Revisit & revise Friday's group rhetorical precis

    3. Return & discuss 2011 timed write

    HW: Read and annotate 2007 rhetorical analysis prompt

    Vocab test (lists 5-8) on FRIDAY


    Tuesday, Oct. 9

    1. Rhetorical Term: anaphora

    2. Introduction to the rhetorical triangle

    3. Rhetorical triangle group poster for 2007 prompt

    HW: Vocab test (lists 5-8) on FRIDAY



    Wednesday, Oct. 10

    1. Rhetorical Term: litotes

    2. Finish yesterday's rhetorical triangle group poster

    3. Brainstorm best organization options for 2007 prompt

    HW: Vocab test (lists 5-8) on FRIDAY


    Thursday, Oct. 11

    Jason Reynolds commencement speech to Lesley University (group questions)

    HW: Vocab test (lists 5-8) TOMORROW



    Friday, Oct. 12

    VOCAB TEST, lists 5-8



    WEEKLY AGENDA: 10/1-10/5

    Monday, Oct. 1

    DUE: Mini practice #3 & 4

    1. Pass back Friday’s timed writes

    2. Peer feedback group session

    → Does the thesis answer the prompt?

    → Is the organization method clear?

    → Are there direct quote references?

    → Is there a connection between WHAT the author does and WHY he does it?

    HW: Finish final draft of timed write (typed, MLA format, etc.). Turn in final draft stapled on top of rough (in class) draft.


    Tuesday, Oct. 2

    DUE: Time Write Final Draft

    1. Rhetorical term: allusion

    2. Review Vocab List #7

    3. Review student sample from last week's timed write

    4. Self score and justification

    HW: Read Dave Barry’s “The Ugly Truth About Beauty”

    Wednesday, Oct. 3

    1. Introduction to the rhetorical precis

    2. Review "The Ugly Truth About Beauty"

    3. Discuss precis elements

    4. Begin precis for Mailer text (Benny Paret)


    Thursday, Oct. 4

    1. Rhetorical Term: anastrophe

    2. Complete yesterday’s precis for Mailer text (Benny Paret) & share

    3. Discuss precis common errors



    HW: Draft a precis rough draft for “IWAW.” Due tomorrow ON GOOGLE DRIVE


    Friday, Oct. 5

    DUE: Rough draft of IWAW precis

    1. Group review and discussion of precis drafts


    2. Revision and sharing

    3. Instruction on turning a rhetorical precis into an introduction paragraph

    Reminder: Vocab test on lists 5-8 next Friday!



    WEEKLY AGENDA: 9/24-9/28

    Monday, Sept. 24

    DUE: MC mini practice #1 & #2

    1. Review Vocab, List #6

    2. Review AP rhetorical analysis rubric. 

    3. Close reading of student samples for the 2008 Form B essay

    4. Return scored 2008 (B) TWs 

    HW: Read & annotate passage for tomorrow’s activity. Also: write up a loose plan for how you would approach this prompt… What point would you make about the purpose? The strategies used? How would you organize it?

    Tuesday, Sept. 25

    DUE: Annotations from HW passage

    1. Rhetorical Term: hyperbole

    2. Discuss HW passage: Where would you go with this?

    3. Review student samples from this prompt


    Wednesday, Sept. 26

    1. Introparagraph review: What do you notice? Patterns? Surprises? 

    2. Thesis statement review & instruction


    HW: Write introduction paragraph for IWAW


    Thursday, Sept. 27

    DUE: IWAW intros with thesis statements

    1. Rhetorical Term: understatement

    2. Notes: Ways to organize the rhetorical analysis essay

    HW: Review organization types and thesis statement elements in preparation for tomorrow’s timed write (your FIRST blind prompt!)


    Friday, Sept. 28

    Timed write

    HW: MC mini practice #3 & #4


    WEEKLY AGENDA: 9/17-9/21

    Monday, Sept. 17

    DUE: Letter of introduction

    1. Introduction

    2. Review key syllabus items

    3. AP exam information

    4. NEW VOCAB LIST & discuss list 5

    Tuesday, Sept. 18

    1. Rhetorical Terms: superlative & irony

    2. 2008 Form B Rhetorical Analysis prompt: group & whole class discussion in preparation for tomorrow's timed write

    HW: Prepare for tomorrow's timed write (you can use any notes you write on the prompt)


    Wednesday, Sept. 19

    Timed Write: 2008, Form B

    HW: Read and annotate Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife."

    On the back, state a potential thesis/purpose of the text as a whole AND identify at least 3 different rhetorical strategies with a comment on the purpose of each 


    Thursday, Sept. 20

    DUE: IWAW response

    1. Rhetorical Term: cliche

    2. Group discussion of IWAW text and HW responses

    3. Information about AP Multiple Choice Section

    HW: Carefully read through MC strategy packet 

    Friday, Sept. 21

    1. MC questions for IWAW

    2. Review and discuss questions

    3. Assign remaining rhetorical terms

    HW: Complete MC Mini Practice #1 & #2